FAQ - Mystery House

Frequently asked questions

Below you will find questions that we have been asked most frequently in the past. We would ask you to read this briefly before you contact our customer service. The points listed here are unfortunately not negotiable – we will e.g. often asked whether 7 players are allowed to enter a game world. We really don’t make any exceptions here (for fire protection reasons)!

General questions about the game & participation requirements

What is the minimum age required to participate?

As far as Danger, Educational and Psychological Dangers are concerned: Our offer would be suitable for every age group. However, a minimal school knowledge is necessary! If you can not count on this basic knowledge of “3 x 5 = 15”, you will not have fun with us! Now please do not argue: “My son can count 3 x 5”: This was just an example ???
Our age recommendation: From 10+ years

Minimum age: none! It would be no problem to take the 10-year-old child with you. He will not be able to participate in the game really actively.

Average age: Our oldest guest was over 90! Of course, many young people play with us. Carefully estimated is the average age of all players but at about 25 – 35 years.

Requirements to participate? (General knowledge, language skills, physical etc.)

Apart from the reasons why you can not play with us (mainly medical reasons such as epilepsy, etc. – see: “In which situations are you NOT allowed to play in Mystery-House?”), There are no real requirements.
You do not have to be athletic, no effort or an excessive amount of education or knowledge is necessary. It’s just about having fun with us! In the event that you actually get stuck in one place, each group is supervised by a game master. You can always ask for help to the game master. The game leader will then help the group out of trouble with the respective problem.

Fears & phobias: Is a game scary? What about claustrophobia or similar? Fears out?

No! Currently there is nothing “scary” in the Mystery House. Also what claustrophobia o.Ä. We had never had any problems with our thousands of guests. Creeping, small shafts etc. do not exist with us.
Nevertheless, it should be said:

Scary Game World: In the near future, such a game world will actually open up. However, this mission or game world will be very clearly marked and there are enough “not scary” alternatives to choose from.

Claustrophobia: Our game world “The Bomb!” is the smallest. If you suffer from claustrophobia we recommend to choose another mission. We have never had problems before – but you do not have to challenge it! Then best switch to one of the larger game worlds.

When does a group have to be there and how long does a game take?

Arriving at the Mystery House 15 minutes before the booked time is enough – just not later! Although we will always try to avoid this, but: In the worst case, we may have to deduct the delay from the game if necessary. If, for example, the next group of games has booked the immediately following appointment, we would unfortunately have our hands tied in such a case.
The available playing time is 60 minutes and up to 15 minutes are scheduled for the briefing. So you can calculate with about 90 minutes in total.

Note: The goal of the game is to fulfill the mission before the time has expired! Ideally, the game time at the end is therefore not 60 minutes … laughing

Are preparations necessary? (special clothes or similar)

No! Nothing at all! Whether working clothes, dress or jogging suit – it does not matter. Important is only the punctual arrival in the Mystery House 15 minutes before the booked time.

In which languages is a game in Mystery-House possible?

The available languages depend on the location. In Flensburg we currently offer Danish, English and German. In Hamburg, Flensburg and Bremen we currently offer English and German.

How often can you play a mission or game world?

Unfortunately, every mission / game world can only be played once! Once you have uncovered the secrets of a world, solved all tasks and puzzles – then you know this mission / game world. But our game offer is not just a game world! For each of the missions offered by us, we created our own, individual and completely independent, small fascinating game world! With every visit to the Mystery-House you can be sure to experience a completely new adventure.

Are the rooms air conditioned?

No. In strong temperatures, we offer fans and ensure passage. But we can not offer a fixed temperature (e.g., 24 degrees).

In which situations is NOT allowed to play in Mystery House?

There are a few reasons where we do not allow playing for security reasons:

  • Unfortunately, people who suffer from a serious illness should not play with us (for example, heart disease, epilepsy, neuropathy, etc.)
  • Unfortunately, people who are not in good mental or physical health can not play with us.
  • Players, who are under the influence of alcohol and / or the influence of other psychoactive substances are also not allowed to play with us.

Exception: Alcohol consumption may be allowed after consultation with us. Of course we do not want to be a fun brake in case of a hen party etc.

The team composition

How many people do you need to play?

A team must consist of at least two persons. A maximum of six persons are allowed per game world / mission / team.

More than 6 players? At least theoretically, the number of players is unlimited. Larger groups only have to split up into several game worlds. 12 players would form about two teams of six players each. For example, 15 players could divide themselves into three teams of five, and then play three game worlds.

On the additional game variations that result from this, we will continue in the FAQ below. If you form two teams, you could play a “duel”.

Why are a maximum of 6 players per mission or game world allowed?

First of all, we have no advantage hereby! After all, we would make money on every extra person! So why not stuff 10 people into a game world?

The fact is: It starts with six people! You almost do not get along with what the other half of the group is doing right now. Exciting events at the other end of the game world are sometimes completely missed – in our opinion damn annoying!

Our guests should have a great experience with us! That’s why we’ve set the strict limit of six players per mission / game world. We only make exceptions in a few situations!

Can it happen that I end up in a group with strangers or even strangers?

No! A game world is always played by only one team. It does not matter if the team consists of two or six people.

What do large groups or what offers are there for these (6+ players)?

Larger groups tend to split up into smaller teams. Each team can then normally have up to six players. The smaller teams are then split up into several game worlds.
Duel Mode: The duel is best suited for two teams. The principle behind it is very simple: Two different game worlds are booked twice consecutively.

The game structure would then be as follows:

  • Group 1 plays only game world A
  • Group 2 plays only game world B

Afterwards the game worlds are exchanged:

  • Group 1 then plays Game World B
  • Group 2 then plays Game World A

At the end, the times are compared and the winner is chosen.

Reservation, prices & payment

The game price? And how does this get together?

The game price is calculated per person. The bigger the group, the cheaper the price per person. An exact overview can be found under the menu item prices.

A short overview of the game prize:
Sunday to Thursday

  • 2 players, 28,00 Euro per player: 56,00 Euro total price
  • 3 players, 26,00 Euro per player: 78,00 Euro total price
  • 4 players, 24,00 Euro per player: 96,00 Euro total price
  • 5 players, 22,00 Euro per player: 110,00 Euro total price
  • 6 players, 22,00 Euro per player: 132,00 Euro total price

Friday & Saturday

  • 2 players, 31,00 Euro per player: 62,00 Euro total price
  • 3 players, 29,00 Euro per player: 87,00 Euro total price
  • 4 players, 27,00 Euro per player: 108,00 Euro total price
  • 5 players, 25,00 Euro per player: 125,00 Euro total price
  • 6 players, 25,00 Euro per player: 150,00 Euro total price

Is it possible to change the number of players later? Cancellation?

Up to 72 hours before the start of the game it is possible to make changes to the reservation. It is possible to appear with more players than booked (max. 6 players per booked game world) and to pay the surcharge cash on site. Other changes / refunds etc. are possible up to 72 hours before the start of the game!
Cancellation is possible a maximum of 7 days before the start of the game (as soon as one room less is played, it is a cancellation).

Do you have to reserve an appointment or can you just come by?

A reservation is absolutely necessary! Staff is only on site with us, if bookings are available. In the worst case, you are otherwise without a reservation in front of a locked door! All available dates are available under booking, are updated there in real time and can also be reserved there directly.

How and where can you reserve game dates?

Unless there is a bigger event (you can also call us here), reservations are only possible via this website. All available dates are available under booking, are updated there in real time and can also be reserved there directly.

How is the payment process and what payment options are offered?

The payment always takes place in advance. However, we are very accommodating: changes or cancellation of the reservation are possible up to 72 hours before the start of the game.
There is an exception to the prepayment rule: If an appointment is still available at short notice and it is less than 48 hours in the future, such a spontaneous booking will indicate another payment option: “The cash payment”.

The expiry of the reservation: After you have selected the dates you want under Booking and have all necessary information deposited, these appointments are reserved for you for 30 minutes. A selection of different payment methods will now be displayed + a copy of this selection has also been sent to your email address. After selecting a payment method and payment of the game price, the booking is then completed and the rooms finally reserved for you.

Available payment methods:

  • PayPal
  • debit
  • Sofortuberweisung
  • Credit card
  • Cash payment (selectable if: less than 48 hours in the future)

What happens if I do not pay? If no payment is made within 30 minutes, your appointments will automatically be released. If you are still interested in these dates: then please reserve again from the beginning.

Is a cash payment possible?

A cash payment is only possible with short-term reservations (if there are still dates available). The desired date must not be more than 48 hours in the future.

If the appointment takes place in less than 48 hours, it can be booked as usual via booking. The “cash payment”, then appears automatically in the payment options.

Is it possible to buy coupons?

Yes, vouchers can either be purchased online through the regular booking system booking or alternatively directly at our site in one of our mystery homes.
Important, please consider: staff is only on site, if game groups have reserved an appointment! Otherwise, the door is locked and no one on site. Therefore always contact us in advance and ask if or when an employee will be there.

Voucher price: Vouchers are available in any value range from 25.00 Euro to 114.00 Euro.

Shipping: If the voucher is ordered online, the shipping of a digital voucher in .PDF format is free.

Corporate events, team building and private events

Are events and events also offered?

Naturally! We regularly organize company parties, bachelor parties, birthdays and much more. with us. If you are interested, just contact us, so that we can talk through everything once.

Is team building offered in Mystery House?

We do not just offer it: team building is even one of our most popular offers! More information can be found under the menu item: Company events.

Are there any special company offers?

Especially for companies we have very interesting offers! For example, in Hamburg we have our own conference rooms with capacities for a few hundred participants. More detailed information is available under the menu item: Companies. Depending on the location, however, the offered company offers may vary greatly – we only offer conference rooms in Hamburg.

Please contact our sales department: [email protected]


Address, parking spaces & how to get there

Where is the Mystery House?

All information about address & Co can be found at the respective location: Directions Bremen, Directions Flensburg & Directions Hamburg.

Are there special offers for the journey? Coaches for large groups etc.?

Depending on the requirements, we have very good contacts to some bus companies and are welcome to request a corresponding offer. If you are interested, just contact us.

Are there free parking spaces available?

Free parking is available in Flensburg around the. In Hamburg, the parking spaces in front of the Mystery House are unfortunately only available from 18:00 o’clock (also the parking spaces marked as reserved by others may be used from 18:00 o’clock).
More detailed information and alternatives in Hamburg before 18:00 can be found in our directions.

How to reach the Mystery House is best by public transport?

Detailed information on how to get there using public transport can be found here: Directions Bremen, Directions Flensburg & Directions Hamburg.

No help found?

How can I contact the Mystery House team should I have any questions?

If you have any questions or problems, you will find all the information you need to contact us under the menu item: Contact.