Matthias Klindworth Matthias Klindworth, 21.05.19

Find grandma’s last will and decrypt her last big puzzle!

“I, Waltraud Hansen, born on March 15, 1938, living at Hollergrund 4 in Bremen, bequeath all my fortune to my wonderful nephew Erich Hansen. All my possessions, including my jewels and diamonds, shall go to him.”

These are the last words, will and thoughts of your grandmother Waltraud! 

Could this really be?

In disbelief you read the lines that are supposed to come from her hand. Of course, your puzzling grandmother was always good for surprises and known for her tricky tasks. But should it really be possible that the black sheep of the family “Erich Hansen” should inherit their whole fortune?

You just can’t believe it! Never, Grandma Waltraud would give all her belongings to your greedy great uncle. Something’s in the bush, there must be something lazy about the story… you’re sure of it. You’ll just have to get to the bottom of it.

The search for the will begins!

With the permission of the police, you are therefore allowed to visit Grandma Waltraud’s apartment for the very last time to search for clues. Looks like Grandma’s got another final mystery in the works. Grandma was smart, cunning and washed all over the place.

But time is running out. In one hour the false testament is to be executed and only the true last will can save you and above all granny’s fortune! 

You have to find the will! 

Now it’s time to stick together and start searching, time is running… tick, tack. As the saying goes “time is money” and in your special case there are even diamonds and jewels… and you realize, never before has this saying been so true as in this moment.

“Grandma” where did you hide this will?

Will you find the will in time and save grandma’s fortune?