The Clinic

Matthias Klindworth Matthias Klindworth, 28.08.18

Can you escape from the horror clinic?

It was just a normal evening as usual and you were on your way back from work. You just want to get into your car and get a hit on the back of your head.

You’ve been kidnapped!

You’re slowly coming back to yourself. Your head still hurts from the blow to the back of the head and roars violently. You are tense, you hear your breath and your heart beats up to your neck. The room is poorly lit and the lights flicker. As you look around, you recognize other people lying in the room. You shout “hello” quietly to wake the others. Everyone gets panicky and has no hope from the first moment on.

It looks like a kind of hospital. You don’t see that kind of hospital every day, though. You discover blood, a lot of blood, too much blood. There’s dirty medical instruments everywhere.

You’re suddenly realizing where you are. In the Psychodoc Clinic – also known as the Horror Clinic – the police have been looking for him for several weeks and trying to catch him.

He is already known in the news. The whole town’s afraid of him. But nobody knows his real name.

Every week he chooses new victims. You don’t know why he chose you of all people.

The Psychodoc gives his prisoner 60 minutes to free himself and solve his puzzles. Otherwise, he’ll come into the clinic room and play his games with you. The 60 minutes you will be observed by a camera of the Psychodoc. Without knowing it, he makes fun of watching you fight for survival, freeing you from the Horror Clinic! Do not lose hope, for you are not alone. Breathe deeply once more and solve the problems of the Psychodoc.

Put yourself in the position of the kidnappers for this!

Your time is running NOW!

Only for 18 years old available!