Blood & Organs

Matthias Klindworth Matthias Klindworth, 28.08.18

Bloody business – The “family” needs your help!

How did you end up in this situation? How did you end up in the Mafia, anyway? Anyway, now it’s too late… now you have to prove yourself!
The “family” is testing you. She’s got a job for you. Admittedly, this task is somewhat special, but questions must not be asked in the “family”.

The “boss” needs your help, because his son is sick… very sick.
He needs a new heart and the “family” knows where to get such a compatible heart.
The address doesn’t bode well… the area is known for shady business.
There is supposed to be illegal organ trafficking here – but it’s not that easy to trade with the Mafia. The heart has long been destined for someone else… so you should get it in a “different way”.

But time runs against you, because the heart must be transplanted as quickly as possible, otherwise it is too late for the boss’s son.
You know you won’t find it alone… you need your team!
You only have one hour to find the heart…
Just 60 minutes to prove your loyalty…

  • But where does the heart rest?
  • Is the heart even there?
  • What can you expect?
  • Will you keep your nerve?
  • What if the organ dealers catch you?

And what happens if you can’t do the job? You know, the family is merciless… you only have one chance to prove yourselves!
Nerves are tense, drops of sweat are forming and just the thought of what lies ahead and awaits you makes your hair stand on end.
You have found the backyard, the door is cracked and you are standing in the middle of the darkness…
You must not think about where the organs that are removed and stored in these rooms come from…

You must not fall into a blood frenzy, you must stay cool now, time is running, only 60 minutes…

ATTENTION! 16 years and older!