Escape Rooms in Flensburg

TestamentEscape Game Bremen Testament

Find grandma’s last will and decrypt her last big puzzle! “I, Waltraud Hansen, born on March 15, 1938, living at Hollergrund 4 in Bremen, bequeath all my fortune to my wonderful nephew Erich Hansen. All my possessions, including my jewels and diamonds, shall go to him.” These are the last words, will and thoughts of […]

The Clinic

Available at September

Prison Escape

Escape from the cell area!

Der TatortEscape Game der Tatort

Attention! Hurry up before the killer escapes!

The BombThe Bomb Escape Game Bremen

Defuse the bomb within 60 minutes to save you and your comrades!

Can we park directly in front of the Mystery House?

In the Mystery House Bremen, free customer parking spaces are available in a very limited number directly in front of the building entrance. We recommend switching to the surrounding streets - experience has shown that free parking spaces are available in the immediate vicinity.

Can wheelchair users also play the Escape Games?
Unfortunately, it is currently not possible for wheelchair users to play with us, because a flight of stairs has to be overcome on the escape route.
Can we celebrate our children's birthday with you?
Of course you are welcome to do that!

Please note the following:

In principle, children can play with us at the age of 10 - but with the support of adults. So that you can work out the
solutions yourself and enjoy the success, you should be at least 12 years old. We do not release the parents from their duty of care and so it is imperative that at least one adult person must be on site,
even if they are not involved! Based on the individual game descriptions, you can see which game is suitable for your cool children's birthday party.
Arrival by public transport

The Mystery-House Bremen is only about 10 minutes by car from the city centre and also has a very good public connection.

It can be reached by bus lines 630, 670 & 31 and tram lines 1E, 4, 4S, 6E & N4.

What are the Corona rules in Bremen?

In Bremen please proceed as follows:

  1. Wear a protective mask
  2. Wait in front of the entrance for the instruction of our staff
  3. Wash/disinfect your hands directly at the entrance
  4. The masks must be worn during the game
  5. If in doubt, you can take a break on our roof terrace
  6. After the game you must leave the building quickly

Which is currently not possible:

  • Stay in the waiting area
  • Beverages
  • Games with people from different reference groups
Do children need a test certificate?

The general obligation to test when applying the 3G rules does not apply to children and young people who:
- under 6 years of age or not yet enrolled in school, as well as for
- Pupils under 14 years of age who are regularly tested within the framework of the compulsory testing concept.


At the big crossroads, at the end of Marienallee (there is also a motorway entrance and exit here) there is a McDonalds. If you now drive onto Marienallee, there is a Shell petrol station on one side of the street, an organic market on the other side and a crossroads in the middle. At this crossroads, you have to drive through the entrance on the left side of the BIO market until the end. The special thing about the crossroads of the BIO-market: The traffic lights don’t really allow you to turn left next to the BIO-supermarket.

1. view towards McDonalds: Here the view along our road. On the left Shell, on the right the organic market and in the back McDonalds.
2. the driveway: our driveway at the crossroads / next to the organic market, which you have to drive all the way to the end.
3. our parking spaces: Please use only the marked parking spaces – the others are private and do not belong to us