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In Flensburg you can play: The Crime Scene, The Prison Escape, The Robbery, The Bomb & Die Klinik

Unfortunately, for us at very short notice, the Minister President announced on 13.03.2020 that all sports and leisure facilities in Schleswig-Holstein must be closed until 19.4.2020.

Unfortunately this also affects us in Flensburg, so we are no longer bookable at the moment.

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Available games in Flensburg


Escape Game Bremen TestamentFind grandma’s last will and decrypt her last big puzzle! “I, Waltraud Hansen, born on March 15, 1938, living at Hollergrund 4 in Bremen, bequeath all my fortune to my wonderful nephew Erich Hansen. All my possessions, including my jewels and diamonds, shall go to him.” These are the last words, will and thoughts of […]

Medium difficulty level

The Clinic

Available at September

Hard difficulty level

Prison Escape

Escape from the cell area!

Medium difficulty level

Der Tatort

Escape Game der TatortAttention! Hurry up before the killer escapes!

Medium difficulty level

The Bomb

The Bomb Escape Game BremenDefuse the bomb within 60 minutes to save you and your comrades!

Medium difficulty level

Arrival by car

At the large intersection, at the end of Marienallee (here is also a motorway junction and exit) is a McDonalds. If you drive onto the Marienallee, there is a Shell petrol station on one side of the road, an organic market on the other side of the street and a crossroad in the middle. At this intersection, you have to drive through the driveway to the left of the BIO market until the end. The special feature at the crossroads of the organic market: The traffic light system does not actually provide that you leave here to the left of the organic supermarket.

Anfahrt Flensburg1. View towards McDonalds: Here the view along our street. Left Shell, right the organic market and McDonalds in the very back.
Anfahrt Flensburg2. The driveway: Our driveway at the intersection / next to the organic market, which you have to drive through to the very end.
Anfahrt Flensburg3. Our parking spaces: Please only use the signposted parking spaces - the others are private and do not belong to us.

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