The Bomb

Matthias Klindworth Matthias Klindworth, 24.01.18

An Explosive Experience – Defuse the bomb within 60 minutes to save you and your fellow combatants!

The phone rings, it’s high time. You and your team are challenged – you are the experts for the bomb disposal. The building has already been evacuated, the people are now brought to safety. But somewhere behind the walls, the bomb is slumbering. But where? You and your team – you should find the bomb and defuse it!

You are tense, it is extreme concentration announced, you receive the latest information, instructions and instructions. Then you enter the building, the door behind you falls into the lock and you are put on you and your bomb blasting team …

You alone must find and defuse the bomb, many lives depend on the precision of your work. Time is running against you – just an hour to spend solving the assassin’s puzzles. Only 60 minutes to locate the bomb and finally defuse it.

Drops of sweat shimmer from your forehead, you need to concentrate to stay calm. The situation is tense, but not hopeless and not hopeless. Together you can do it. Together you can solve the task – but you only have one hour left …

Become real heroes! Take another deep breath, listen to your heartbeat, keep a cool head and master the task. It depends on you now – just you and your team. Put yourself in the mind of the bomber. You can do it, you will do it! You will defuse the bomb …

Hard difficulty
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