Escape Games in Hamburg

Der TatortEscape Game der Tatort

Attention! Hurry up before the killer escapes!

The BombThe Bomb Escape Game Bremen

Defuse the bomb within 60 minutes to save you and your comrades!

Can wheelchair users also play the Escape Games?
Unfortunately, our location in Hamburg is not suitable for wheelchair users, since we do not have an elevator and the entrance can only be reached by stairs.
Can we celebrate our children's birthday with you?
Of course you are welcome to do that!

Please note the following:

In principle, children can play with us at the age of 10 - but with the support of adults. So that you can work out the         solutions yourself and enjoy the success, you should be at least 12 years old.

We do not release the parents from their duty of care and so it is imperative that at least one adult person must be on site,   even if they are not involved!

Based on the individual game descriptions, you can see which game is suitable for your cool children's birthday party.
Can we park directly in front of the Mystery House?
In Hamburg, 2 parking spaces can be used all day in front of the mystery house, others unfortunately only from 6:00 p.m.        (parking spaces marked as reserved by others may also be used from 6:00 p.m.). More detailed information and alternatives       in Hamburg before 18:00 can be found in our directions.

Arrival with public transport

Since there are over a dozen bus connections, it would go beyond the space available here to list them all. We therefore recommend the website of the Hamburger Verkehrsverbund for route planning. Route planning:

1st stop Harburg Rathaus: Please use the exit of the large shippsee. This is the shortest way.
2nd Leave the second station: Directly at the exit, turn right next to Karstadt and follow the street straight ahead.
3rd Follow the road straight ahead: Pass a red kebab car, now cross the pedestrian bridge.
4th Channel Tower, courtyard: The Channel Tower is located on the other side of the bridge. In the courtyard is surely the entrance to the Hamburg Mystery House!