Hamburg - Mystery House

Games in Hamburg

In Hamburg you can play: Der Tatort, The Bomb & The Prison Cell

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Available games in Hamburg

Der Tatort

Escape Game der TatortAttention! Hurry up before the killer escapes!

Medium difficulty level

The Prison Cell

The Prison Cell Escape Game BremenBreak out of the jail cell and become a famous refugee!

Medium difficulty level

The Bomb

The Bomb Escape Game BremenDefuse the bomb within 60 minutes to save you and your comrades!

Medium difficulty level

Access by public transport

Bus connection
Since there are more than a dozen bus connections, it would take up too much space here to list them all. We therefore recommend the website of the Hamburger Verkehrsverbund for route planning. Route planning:

S-Bahn connection
The destination is the station Harburg Rathaus (town hall). From here it is about 500m walk to Mystery House. S3 Direction Neugraben S31 Direction Harburg Rathaus (town hall) S3 & S31 both depart at the central station of Gleis (track) 4.

Anfahrt Hamburg1. Station Harburg Rathaus (town hall): Please use the exit of the Gro├čer (large) Shippsee. This is the shortest way.
Anfahrt Hamburg2. Leave the station: At the exit, turn right next to Karstadt and follow the street straight ahead.
Anfahrt Hamburg3. Follow the road straight ahead: past a red Doner wagon, now cross the pedestrian bridge.
Anfahrt Hamburg4. Channel Tower, Courtyard: On the other side of the bridge is the Channel Tower. In the courtyard is certainly the entrance to the Hamburg Mystery House!

Hier findest du uns


Karnapp 18 (Courtyard of the Channel Tower)