Der Tatort

Matthias Klindworth Matthias Klindworth, 24.01.18

Attention! Hurry up before the killer escapes!

A black, dark night lies behind us, no star was visible in the sky and the moon hid behind dense and ominous clouds. One of those nights when something bad often happens. You have a feeling for it and your feeling rarely deceives you. Tonight you did not sleep well, wild dreams accompanied you in your sleep. You wake up with a headache and your neck hair bobbing. You know, something happened …

Outside it is gray, the sky shows wild clouds, the wind whistles around the house – ominous messengers. Your service phone is ringing. A police officer is at the other end of the line and tells of a dead man – he asks you to a crime scene. You should get an overview of the situation. Nobody knows exactly what happened? Nobody knows the dead? Was it cold-blooded murder? Was it an unfortunate accident? Your thoughts circle – If it was a murder, the perpetrator is on the loose …

With each passing minute, the killer has the opportunity to cover his tracks. You and your team, you are in demand. You need to get to the scene quickly to save the clues to find clues. Put yourself in the mind of the murderer …

  1. What drove him?
  2. Who is the dead man?
  3. Why was he killed?
  4. Does the dead man have a secret?
  5. Why was he here?

Only if you work together as a team, you can solve the puzzle. Go in search of clues and find out together who the dead man is and why he had to die.

And do not forget, the clock is running against you … you have little time to come to terms with the murder and the true murderer.

Medium difficulty