Prison Escape

Matthias Klindworth Matthias Klindworth, 24.01.18

Escape from the cell area!

They locked you up. The jail life is tough. But you’ve broken out of every prison yet. Do they really mean, this time they can put you permanently behind bars?

You have long since forged an escape plan!
You will also break out of this prison!
Nobody can stop you!

This is supposed to be the safest prison in the country?
You laugh inside yourself and can not resist a smug smile. Your eyes flash – almost mischievously twitch your mouth and you get ready. Every muscle in your body is tense. You can literally smell the tension in the air …

The thoughts revolve around the planned outbreak.
In your thoughts you go through your escape plan again step by step.
You know, it will not be easy, but this time you are not alone. You’ve teamed up with a few other prison inmates. Together, you want to escape the prison walls. Only together you can do it! You know, you have to rely on each other.

Can you rely on each other?
Exactly this fact is perhaps the only weak point in the whole escape plan.
The tension rises, the hands of the clock advance inexorably. It’s about time, the clock is running backwards … you have only one hour for the eruption – only 60 minutes separate you from the freedom. Yes, if your escape plan works, if you manage to escape. Because once the clock is running, there is no turning back. From then on, every move has to be right. Everyone knows what he has to do. Will everyone keep a cool head?

Soon you will know. Your time is running NOW!

Medium difficulty