Christmas parties, corporate events & group events

Variant 1: up to 18 people

They play in all three mystery houses in different theme rooms. In a thrilling race against time, the mission within each team is to complete the mission successfully. Expect a breathtaking and unique game world in the next 60 minutes. In just a few minutes, your participants can immerse themselves in a game or a captivating and unforgettable experience atmosphere. In addition to this package, we are also happy to offer you food and drinks, or personal coaching (with a psychologist / trainer) for your stay with us.

Variant 2: up to 24 people

In Mystery-House Bremen is time-shifted, in Hamburg and Flensburg parallel, played and analyzed. With mind and imagination, it is also here to unlock the secrets in the mystery spaces. Parallel to the gaming experience, there will be a preliminary and a follow-up talk for the groups in a separate room or, depending on the sunny weather, on the terrace – with the support of a questionnaire that reinforces and underlines the teambuilding character. For the physical well-being is provided here in the form of drinks. Here it is necessary to schedule a time window of at least 150 minutes.

Variant 3: up to 40 people

Up to seven equal groups are formed. The care of your large group can, depending on your wishes, also be done by a psychologist / trainer / coach. For exclusive group bookings we offer individual “packages”. It is also here in the individual groups to find clues, develop different relationships as a team and combine with each other. Depending on the location, it is played, discussed and discussed at the same time. In addition, we are happy to offer you a joint dinner, followed by the “Real Life Game”, at a nearby restaurant. We look forward to your inquiry!

Incentives & Events

May it be a small team building measure? Or a big event or an incentive for your company, or for your department? Our three Mystery Houses (Bremen / Flensburg / Hamburg) are at your disposal for individual design and organizational questions.

In the team you become heroes

– with communication, motivation, brains and with skill it is necessary to complete the mission in a team within 60 minutes. The participants accompany the game, excitement and action (s) – actively and with joy. In addition to your event we offer you – upon request – “Food & Drink” (in one of our partner restaurants). We will gladly make you a tailor-made offer tailored to your needs.

Company party / Christmas party

We design your company party in an extraordinary, very exciting environment – in the midst of authentic rooms with different missions that have to be mastered or solved in a team. An eventful hour of fun and excitement awaits you: new, exciting challenges are discussed, discussed, planned and implemented together. This event promotes communication and collaboration. Workgroups are strengthened, harmonious characters within your team find themselves “easy and playful”. In this way, work will be more efficient in the future in everyday work. Active group dynamics make your celebration a unique event. Book the special experience! No matter for what special occasion – we are happy to create your individual offer.

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