The Robbery

Matthias Klindworth Matthias Klindworth, 24.01.18

You are the master thief – Find and steal the jewels!

You’ve always loved the thrill. You need the tension, you need the adventure. You are a thief out of passion.

You’re one of the scene’s best-known safebackers. Nobody comes to you on the tricks. Especially you love thick clunkers. They keep you spellbound. You could almost say that the glitter attracts you magically … it enchants you and you just have to have it!

You’ve heard where to get some. You’ve heard where fat loot can be made. You do not want to miss this. But this time the location is too hot for you. Because time is running against you. You know, you only have one hour to complete the raid. Only 60 minutes to find the precious stones …

You do not know what to expect, so you decide to “do the robbery” with your team. You are a real Thief Expert Team. No one has been able to come to the simple yet. No one has caught you so far … you just work well together. You can always rely on each other.

  1. But will you work as a team again this time?
  2. Will you make fat loot?
  3. Will you find the clunkers?
  4. Is the challenge maybe too big this time?
  5. Are your nerves holding out the tension?

This jewel robbery could push you and your team to the limit …
Will you bear the tension together?
You know, you can not allow yourself a mistake, otherwise you get caught?

The door is cracked, you enter the house and then the door behind you falls into the lock – from now on time is running out. Tick, tack … keep a cool head and get the jewels.

Easy difficulty