The Prison Cell

Matthias Klindworth Matthias Klindworth, 24.01.18

Break out of the jail cell and become a famous refugee!

You are trapped. The bolt behind you falls into the lock. What brought you into this situation?

You were caught. You knew that could happen. That’s the way it is in your job. Criminals can end up in the cell just like you do now! But the situation is not hopeless. You have a plan. Now you will see if it works.

The jailer moves away from your cell. Your heart beats faster, now it depends. Will your escape plan work? Did you really think of everything? Did not your cellmates betray you? Can your breakouts also withstand the pressure and tension?

You feel like the air around you could be cut. Every sound acts like a thunder rumble. Can you look at your escape plan? Do the guards and the prison warden foresee any of your escape plans?

No one has ever escaped from this prison.

  1. Will you do it?
  2. Will you do it together?
  3. Can you escape the prison cell and the prison walls?
  4. Is the situation perhaps hopeless?
  5. Did you really think of all eventualities?

You realize, only together you can dare and create the escape attempt. You have to be able to rely on each other. But if you fail, the prison cell is waiting for you – for life!

How long can a life be? The thoughts rush through your head, you have only one hour to escape the cell and the hated guards. 60 minutes – 59 minutes … the time is running, the heart is beating … can not everyone hear it?

No matter … the time is running – you have to hurry NOW!

Medium difficulty